The creator of the idea for Baho Neza Swe. Ann is a chiropractor and clown and has visited Rwanda during the autumn of 2018 with Clowns Without Borders to perform for those living in refugee camps. It was there that she first met Radjab and Mudi who are artists in Rwandan Acrobats. After visiting these refugee camps in Rwanda, the idea arose to create an organization to benefit vulnerable women in Rwanda. Thus Baho Neza Swe was created!

Ann Hageus

Founder & Chairman

Pamela works as a teacher but has a background as a drama teacher. This mix of educational and aesthetic tools is a guiding light for Pamela. She is driven by work that promotes positive changes and where you can influence by raising awareness and therefore Pamela wants to be involved in building Baho Neza. She has a long experience of non-profit board work, mainly in various theatre associations and has also been involved in organizations that worked with fair trade.

Pamela H├Ąger Karlqvist

Board member

She works as a teacher with newly arrived young people to Sweden. She has always been committed to treating all people equally and with the same rights, especially for children, young people and women. She has worked with children living in the streets of Bolivia and thrives on making a positive difference and creating an atmosphere where people can grow together.


Veronica Ekeroth

Board member

Leo has spent his working life as a lawyer and has always wanted to have more time for volunteer work. Newly retired, he met Ann and was asked to get involved - especially assisting in contract matters and in contacts with outside institutions and authorities. He fully supports the ideas and work of Baho Neza Swe and looks forward to contributing to the organization's future and growth!

Leo Altino

Board member

Responsible for Baho Neza Education. Yoga teacher, fitness instructor and skilled acrobat in Rwandan Acrobats. in autumn 2018 he toured the refugee camps in Rwanda with Clowns without Borders together with Ann

Mudi Kamayirese

Responsible for Baho Neza Education in Rwanda