Hello and warm welcome as a member of Baho Neza Swe!

THANK YOU for becoming a member! We hope that this will be an exciting journey and you who have become a member now will be involved from the beginning. Baho Neza will grow and develop into an organization where everyone has a role and place. 

Like many non-profit organizations, we stand for human rights, democratic values ​​and in particular we want to strengthen girls and women. We also believe that the best support is to help support the tools for self-help and therefore we want to promote entrepreneurship, education and a sense of empowerment. What makes us stand out from other organizations is that we start from the well-being of the body. We believe that happy bodies give happy people. Therefore, our goal is to promote a healthy life where health is central as a first step to a good life. At Baho Neza Swe and our Health & Culture Centre in Gisenyi, Rwanda, we offer, right now, massage and exercise and dietary advice. 

We believe that all forms of culture are also important and what we will develop and offer are the circus, gentle arts, like acrobatics. But above all, in May we will start a program for young vulnerable women and give them an opportunity to strengthen their lives and bodies. We will do this in collaboration with Save Generation Organization.  

When you are a member, you support our efforts and you also get as close as possible to being able to follow the work in Gisenyi. Our website will contain exclusive information about Rwanda, women's history, both inside Rwanda and around the world. We will send out a newsletter biannually. Other ways you can get involved is by joining our Annual Meeting which will be held in early June. The currently have a sitting board, but there may be opportunity for more to join. Stay tuned for that! At the moment if you have any second hand items to donate, we would greatly appreciate so we can use for the women we will start supporting in May. 

Warm regards, 
Ann Hageus
Founder & Chairman of Baho Neza Swe