First trip to Rwanda - 2018

Together with Clowns without Borders and Rwandan Acrobats we traveled the beautiful country of Rwanda for three weeks spreading the message of love, laughter and hope to thousands of children and their families!

Second trip to Rwanda - July 2019

Coming back to Rwanda was a dream come true! I practiced acrobatics but also learnt more about the country and saw the needs of particularly girls and women. 

Third trip to Rwanda - January 2020

Once again back in Rwanda and this time I met with Save Generation Organization (SGO) and started brainstorming ideas for a new project concerning young vulnerable women. Now I left with a mission to formulate the project!

Fourth trip to Rwanda - December 2020

This trip allowed me to roll up my sleeves and put plan to action. Together with yoga teacher Mudi and physiotherapist Radjab, two of the Rwandan Acrobats, we started Baho Neza Health & Culture Centre and continued out contacts with SGO.