Newsletter No 12

Soon it's off again to Rwanda! This time with even greater confidence since I will be able to visit the premises that we have acquired and will be able to use for courses etc in the future. It is a small house on a small plot, without electricity or water and the house needs a major renovation, but our visions for this place are big!

In addition to restoring and planning for the house, we will have a follow-up course for group E who took the basic course last autumn. During these months they have asked Mudi several times when the next course will be held and they want him to lead a training group for them. We hope to be able help them organize a training group themselves and hopefully they can be held on our own site!

We will have a pep talk with our five ambassadors and in addition we will meet two more potential ambassadors. One of them, Aisha, has moved to Kibuye, a town located in southern Rwanda. She wants to be an ambassador and Mudi and I will go there and meet her and her potential group participants. If it pans out well, Baho Neza has expanded its operations to yet another city!

The other potential ambassador, Loreene, works at a preschool. She contacted Mudi and wanted to get more involved with Baho Neza. Mudi suggested her to pass on the knowledge she has gained from Baho Neza Education to the children and staff. If it turns out well, she could reach out to more preschools.

Mudi has continuous contact with the ambassadors and many of the women who have taken our courses.

You can read about this on our blog

2024 started out with several activities. In the beginning of January, the board met at the home of the chairman Pamela for an inspiration and vision day. Despite the fact that we met for eight hours, it didn't feel enough! We have so many ideas on how to develop Baha Neza! We also had Mudi on link from Rwanda and he reported on the work of the ambassadors. A very rewarding day.

On January 17, I gave a speech at SPF Enabygden (Swedish pensioners' association) at a nice little place called Wallinska gården in Enköping. It was a great contrast; outside a blizzard was raging - inside I showed pictures of people dancing and singing in a green and sunny Rwanda!

After the speech, we had a follow-up conversation with coffee and then it was time to sell handicrafts made by our students in Gisenyi.

On February 12, the Annual Meeting was held. Eight members were present via link. We thank everyone for their efforts and are grateful to those accepting to be elected for another year.

So, now there are only a few days left before I board the flight to Rwanda and I hope you will follow my journey via the blog!

See you!


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