Our Story

Our Founder, Ann Hageus visited Rwanda together with Clowns without Borders in 2018 where she toured as a clown at the refugee camps for children and their families. They toured together with a local artist group called Rwandan Acrobats. 

Ann fell in love with both the country and the people in Rwanda. She also saw many young women struggling hard for their survival and wondered how she could help. She returned the following year and came into contact with Save Generation Organization (SGO) who support young women and girls to live an independent life where they could fulfill their true potential. 

Ann started a collaboration with SGO and started Baho Neza Swe in January 2021. The goal with Baho Neza Swe is to support the creation of a platform in Rwanda for young adults and particularly women to take control of their bodies and lives. We seek to promote a healthy lifestyle and give them the tools that they need to make good life style decisions. 

Read more about SGO and their work below. 

Ann had always questioned "why the world could be so unfair" ever since she was a young child. As she grew older she questioned why there was so much injustice towards women in particular. At the same time she developed her talent as a gymnast and acrobat at a circus school in Paris and understood the true abilities of the body. 

But instead of being a circus artist she studied to become a chiropractor to help people with their joint problems and bodies. The main question about the unfairness in the world lingered with her. Ann continued to study EH in her search for answers and realized how important education was, particularly to allow girls to go to school and become educated. This solution was an essential part towards women's rights. 

Ann worked with several non-profit organizations promoting all people's rights. Ann got in contact with Clowns without Boarders in 2011 and was able to travel abroad, meet new people and understand new cultures. Clowns without Borders is a NGO that is spreading hope, laughter and dreams to vulnerable children around the world. She was able to combine her passion for women's rights and knowledge about the body together with clowning. Now Ann has combined all of her passions and insights into one organization, Baho Neza Swe.