two new courser in March


Planning for 2022 is in full swing with new projects and new ideas. We are now in full swing planning for the next two courses. We will also start the third beginners 'course at the beginning of March, as well as a follow-up course for those who took the beginners' course last autumn. Furthermore, we have plans to start reading and writing lessons for young people who have not had the opportunity to learn it. The vast majority can read and write, but there are still those who cannot read or write. They often keep this a secret as the shame of not being able to do this is great. Many children grow up on the streets even though they have a family. This is because the mother is often single and very young and has to spend all day getting food. The children, who can be as young as five years old, are then left to fend for themselves all day long. We are therefore sketching a leisure project where we will gather about fifteen children and teach them acrobatics and other circus arts. Mudi keeps in constant contact with the women who have participated in our courses and supports them and gives advice. We realize the importance of keeping in touch with those who have taken our courses to make sure they benefit from what we have taught them. We believe that this is a very important part of our mission; to not only provide a basic education, but also follow up on what happens next.