New season - New possibilities!


It has been an eventful summer with both "ups and downs" in Baho Neza.

Earlier this summer, Mudi and Radjabu organized a reunion with our first students where they each received a diploma for their completed course. They met on a Sunday and started with joint games and acrobatics, then a small ceremony with diploma training and then the day ended with them cooking guacamole and fruit salad which they then ate together. Think what you want about the internet, but the best thing was that the board could be on the link and we could all greet each other.

The center has not gone any further ... It feels as if the whole spring and summer has been a struggle, with tough coronary restrictions, volcanic eruptions and most recently a total lockdown of the whole community for two weeks. This forced Mudi and Radjabu to close the center completely during this time.

But now it has started to turn around, the center has reopened and in recent weeks they have had many new clients. We have printed more brochures and business cards.

We are in the process of planning for two courses this autumn. Partly a new course for about ten women and partly a continuation course for the women who attended this spring.

... to be continued .....