Rapport från Mudi


Denna rapport fick vi här om dagen från Mudi, som är vår medarbetare i Gisenyi;

This morning beside my door there is a man who is still young he always come to my door with his young baby to carry his baby on his back by looking at himself through my window but today I tried to have a conversation with him about life and why he's carrying his baby instead of his wife, he told me that he got married to his wife when they have friends born the wife leave him with the baby because of poverty then from that time he started to be a mother and father at the same time and every time when he's got the a day work he go to work by carrying baby on his back then now the baby is getting grow ,so today when he came to my door and he told me in silence voice that if I have some old shoes to give him it was like to ask for help , he asked me if I can help him like if I have any old shoes to help him and his shoes was old and his baby he always have the same clothes ,so me too everytime when see them they always in the same clothes and shoes so I was feeling so sad to see a man like that living in that life , being in that situation of life,then for the story then I decided to give him my shoes and some children clothes that I got from B N S (baho neza Sweden)so that was a good thing to do for the man who is taking care of his baby by himself no wife and know anything so he's just like trying his best to make his young boy grow up, He is trying to be a good parent of his boy