One morning on the way to the Center


Early one morning Mudi calls, he is on his way to the center, we have time to talk for a while before he interrupts and says that he should only talk to a child, I stay on the phone and hear him ask questions. A shy and weak voice answers, speechless. Mudi asks more questions. After a while, he's back to me. He explains that it was a little girl with her little sibling on her back who asked for food. He had asked her about her family situation. It turned out that her father had left the family and that they had no food. The same morning the mother had also left and left the girl alone with her little sister, whom she now carried on her back to find something to eat, she was perhaps 6 years old.

He gives her money for food for herself and her little sister on her back, she receives the money and goes her way.

A few days later, she comes to him and thanks him very much for his help, this is eight o'clock in the evening. She carries her sister on her back and he asks what they do out there so late. She says she is now on her way home after looking for food all day. Mudi urges her to hurry home and gives her 100 frw for a sugar cane and some crusts.