Preparations for the autumn activities are in full swing.


This autumn, we have completed many tasks that needed to be performed!

Bookmarks designed and printed, check

The booklets for course 1 obtained from the printing house, check

The material for the advanced course is written, check

Six young women registered for course 1, check

Ten women registered for the advanced course, check

Schedule added, check

Chairs, blocks and pens etc. are fixed, check

Travel booked, check!

It has been a hectic September, because while we have been planning for the next two courses this October, we have made a drive to raise money and it has gone so well, so well!

We are happy to have included no less than seven companies that have all contributed a sum of money, as well as Godis Gallerian in Enköping who have contributed with a large box of sweets!

All participating companies will soon be on the website!

Many thanks!

We have had a flea market where we sold second-hand clothes, Rwandan fabrics and handicrafts and not least we raffled off the big candy box!

We've had a fundraiser on Facebook!

Many thanks!

And so we have continued to recruit members.

I have been to a lunch for Zonta Enköping, where I told about our fantastic organization and later this autumn I hope for another lecture.

Group A, ie the women who took the course this spring, will now receive a follow-up course in in-depth knowledge of the body's various organs and its function as well as basic information about cardiovascular disease and diabetes, including the importance of exercise and good food. I have taken the information from Vårdguiden, thank you Vårdguiden for good information!

Furthermore, we will talk about entrepreneurship and how to go about starting your own business. I have been to the library and borrowed books in entrepreneurship, thank you Enköping's library!

We will theoretically go through step by step how to go about creating your own movement and then hold workshops where we have many different issues that the women can discuss in groups, to then present their own project plan.

We will then hold a course for a new group of young women, Group B. It will be the same content as in the spring, that is, nutrition and the importance of eating good food to prevent diseases, we will then cook and eat together, massage of head, hands and feet.

And of course we will train and play and have fun together!

Yes - October will be an exciting and eventful month!