Fantastic Group E


OMG what a week!

We have had a continuation course for group E - eleven women aged from a little over twenty to almost sixty years old. We started and ended each day with one of the women saying a prayer with everyone standing in a circle with their heads bowed and their hands in front of their chests.

 We then continued with physical training, stretching, yoga, strength and acrobatics. We had a bag full of workout clothes that they could borrow. Some of the women were a little shy about putting on pants - normally, they always wear skirt. But when some of them changed, the others followed. They had never worn sweatpants before.

After the training, we talked about the different organs, which fascinated them very much. No one knew how the different organs work in their own bodies. There were many questions and concerns. And then we discussed entrepreneurship and saving and in connection with that we talked a lot about kitchen gardens, Mudi gave them seeds to grow. The soil here is so fertile, so it will grow!

One of the days, Omodogodon, the local leader, came to visit! The women immediately climbed up and formed a pyramid, which he was greatly impressed by. He took pictures and said this needs to be shown on social media!

It has been so amazing to follow these women this week and see how they, with such pride and wonder, have realized how they can accomplish acrobatics, things they could never dream of. How they have been fascinated by how the body works. How they have expressed that they actually feel better in their bodies after doing exercises.

And what a difference! From moving at a leisurely pace, as befits an elderly woman, they were now so free in their movements. On the last day they sat on our newly purchased carpet, some of them lying down, others sittting tight to each other, relaxed and comfortable. It was wonderful to see how they were able to relax and feel safe in our room.

On the last day, we had gone through the most important organs in the body and shown how they work and how they are linked to each other. We were able to connect the knowledge of the organs with what we had previously discussed regarding vitamins and good health. We also linked the organs and their function to the most common diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, intestinal worms, hepatitis...

They all really want to meet again and learn more.

Women power!!!