En reflexion från Rwanda


Baho Neza Education BNE

28 februari kl. 09:06 · in the early morning around 7:10 a.m. when I finished buying breakfast in the morning of to day 28.2,2023, I saw a child who was on his way to school carrying a bag containing school supplies behind him and pulling a sheep behind his back went to hang it on the road where it will stay for several hours till when the child will returned from school. when I saw that child it made me feel very emotional and I thought about how a small child before going to school first goes to herd sheep and then gets to go to school, it made me wonder how BAHO NEZA EDUCATION can change the attitude of some parents and support the Rights of the children. that why people like BAHO NEZA SWE AND BAHO NEZA EDUCATION always ask you to lend us your hand to hold others from hard life , if you feel to help support our next project could HELP TO HELP Others. 




General Manager

Baho Neza Education