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So I have again arrived in Gisenyi, the first days were spent in Kigali. There we met, among other things, an entrepreneur at the Swedish hub Norrsken. I had read about her in a Swedish Newspaper and managed to get hold of her in Kigali. She sells health services to employees of various companies. It was very interesting. We came to the conclusion that we are working on the same issues, but she targets the rich and we target the poor. But both groups need the same amount of information and knowledge about good health, with her group at risk of being overweight and our group at risk of being underweight, but woth groups may lack in vitamines and minerales.

Here in Gisenyi, Mudi has given me an update from the last time here.

About a week ago he met a bunch of kids, many of them attended our circus camp this summer. He told them that we will have another circus camp with them in the future, which they were so happy to hear. However, it made me a little worried because at the moment it is not yet clear if we will carry out circus camps, but we hope and keep our fingers crossed that it is possible.

But now that he was there and met them on a patch of grass, he took the opportunity to run some games and practice with them. Anyone who had previously participated in the circus camp would definitely play the "Cat and Mouse" game.

After they had played and exercised, he talked to them a little about their situation, if they went to school and learned to read and write, he encouraged them to go to school and to be helpful at home.

Furthermore, he told us that one of the women who took our course is now turning her life around. She has stopped meeting her friends in the afternoon to drink beer or the local drink Urwagwa. Instead, she wants to focus on her crops and animals.

Some of the women from the group last fall have met on a few occasions to remind each other of what they learned last fall. They ran some training exercises and practiced some massage on each other.

We hope for rings on the water!

Tomorrow we start!