And our great embassadeurs!


Our ambassadors, then! They are our heroes. Tina, Marceline, Vestine, Francine and Ledivine!

Last weekend we had two days of pep talks with them. On the first day, they got to tell us about how things have gone since we met in November last year and what they think about being an ambassador.

Each of them have seen around ten women once a week for a month. Then they have had physics activities and run games, talked about healthy food and, not least, they have met to exchange thoughts and experiences about their lives. Ledivine tells us that one of the women has a tough life at home, but when she comes to the meetings, the troublesome thoughts disappear and she feels happy. She continues and says that at these meetings they can feel safe that nothing that is said will be passed on. I ask if the others in groups experience the same thing. Everyone nods in agreement and fills in that their conversation becomes so natural.

Francine tells us that a woman has now started working. It has given her respect because she was then able to contribute money to the family. Another woman can now buy lotion for her baby.

Ledivine goes on to say that the participants feel free to ask questions. She notices that the behavior has changed; that they gain more self-esteem and self-confidence.

I ask if it is not difficult to respond to everyone's problems, if it does not feel difficult to give advice. But Tina says she can deal with it and feels secure in her position.

The local authority has also come to visit. They want to see the meetings and how they are done and seem very happy. It is clear that the government appreciates the initiative of the young women meeting.

Vestine says that after talking about the importance of getting vitamins from all fruits and vegetables, the mothers can now feed their children better food.

We talked about what it gives them themselves to be an ambassador, more than they receive a small compensation as a thank you.

The ambassadors have made new friends with whom they can exchange new thoughts and experiences. They learn to speak in front of a group which leads to a better self-esteem, they gain more respect to be listened to.

Vestine says; I think it's good to be able to change routines and do something completely new.

Lidivine feels that she is needed in society. Sometimes people think that it is enough to just be full, but now she has also talked about how important it is to eat healthy food. A direct consequence of that is that many of the women no longer buy powdered juice anymore.

We finish with a lunch at the local restaurant and I wish them the best of luck. We hug and they say they look forward to seeing each other again when I tell them I'll be back in late fall! They laugh and say they can put up with Mudi for so long. And I feel safe with that!

Happy body – happy people, they greet each other!