Ambassadörerna lagar mat tillsammans med sina studenter


Här är en rapport från Mudi, vår kollega i Rwanda, som har initierat detta projekt. Att våra ambassadörer samlar sina studenter och lagar hälsosam mat tillsammans, så att de också får en chans att praktisera sina kunskaper om vitaminer och nyttig mat.

"Baho Neza Education , in this day bne Ambassadors since they started having groups they lead continue to show us that they teach their students but that they are shown that there is a need for pratic for the leson to understand them clearly. The day of making platics and their students now we started with one named Flancine who managed to cook for about 35 of her students and 5 Ambassadors and it was done well, She started with fear that it was not possible but we continued to give her the confidence that she was able to do it and it started to be easy for her until then He convinced herself that she was able to be able to end it, she said that it was easy. Even in the discussion their students had with the head of the BNE, they were advised that something that a person receives is very beneficial for her and that she lives with it all the time is knowledge, and the leaders of the sector are also invited to see their young women how they live. in groups that help them socialize with others who have the some problemsAnd the readers promise them that if they create any business together the government will help them ."