Welcome to Baho Neza Health & Culture Centre

The goal of Baho Neza Swe is to promote a healthy life for all people both physically and mentally and that everyone should have an opportunity to live up to their full capacity and have power over their own life and body. At the Baho Neza Health & Culture Center in Gisenyi, which is open to the public, we offer massages and exercises such as yoga and strength training. Soon we will be able to offer dietary advice.

Mudi and Radjabu, who run the center, are also artists in Rwandan Acrobats and teach acrobatics, juggling and other circus skills. They will be part of the training program for vulnerable young women starting in the spring of 2021.

We believe that in order to have a good life, you must start by taking care of your own body and keeping it healthy. Many of those living in Gisenyi are poor farmers who toil hard with their bodies. We want to improve their knowledge of how to take care of the body and diet. Through education, they can learn about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables which they already have a large supply of in Rwanda.

To encourage residents to come to the center, prices are adjusted to living standards. Baho Neza Swe currently supports the center, but hopes that it will soon carry itself as our vision is help for self-help. This is a way to promote entrepreneurship. In particular, we want to strengthen young women, but does not exclude support for young men. Rwanda is still one of the poorest countries in the world and our vision is that all people should have the chance of a good life.